Eyebrow, Upper Lip Threading In Dubai

Threading & EyeBrow services by a professional ! Lolita Beauty Salon offers expert threading services in Dubai. Threading is the art of removing unwanted facial hair simply using a thread. In the process, the thread is doubled and twisted around the area where hair is present. It is a quick way to pluck hair in smaller areas where applying wax is not recommended. The facial skin is far more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the body therefore you need to take extra care while removing unwanted hair from the areas such as upper lips, chin, jawline, etc. The process is slightly painful but regarded as the safest and most effective way of pulling the unwanted hair from their follicle to keep them from forming again for a long time. Lolita Beauty Salon offers upper lip threading in dubai in the most economical packages to give your face a more neat and cleaner look.

Threading has a lot of advantages as compared to waxing or tweezing the hair. Though wax is mainly used to target hair at larger areas and tweezers work to pluck only one or two hairs at a time, threading lies in the middle and works to pluck more hair in one go although in a small patch. The biggest benefit of threading is that it is quick and safe to use in sensitive areas where wax can't be applied. It is also a very useful technique to shape the eyebrows neatly, At Lolita Beauty Salon, we offer our expert services to map your eyebrows according to your face and a quick eyebrow threading dubai for a neat look. Make an appointment with our top beautician at Lolita Beauty Salon and offer a threading session offered by an expert.